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Whitepaper Highlights Private Digital Transformation in Oman Vision 2040



Muscat, 14 Jun (ONA) — The international tech company SAP, in collaboration with OQ, reviewed a whitepaper on private digital transformation in Oman Vision 2040.


In the virtual meeting, SAP pointed out that the digital transformation will boost the Sultanate’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) market by RO 2.2 billion (USD 5.6 billion) by 2024.


The whitepaper highlights the digital transformation opportunity for the Sultanate across five areas: a society of creative individuals, a competitive economy, a sustainable environment, responsible state agencies, and smart cities brimming with life.


Waheed Al Hamaid, Managing Director of SAP Oman said that Oman’s government agencies can achieve Oman Vision 2040 goals by digitally transforming into Intelligent Enterprises that can integrate back-end operations and centralize the citizen’s experience.


He added that supporting creative individuals, real-time technology can help educational and healthcare institutions to operate more efficiently and personalize tracking and patient treatment. In the competitive economy, an integrated job matching platform could connect citizens to job postings and talent development, support entrepreneurs and SMEs, enhance tourist experiences, and optimize Value Added Tax compliance.


In terms of fostering environmental sustainability, the whitepaper indicates that Oman could attract more tourists, secure higher levels of supply chains resilience and food security, and maintain its rich cultural heritage. 


Ghalib Said al-Maamari, Head of Information and Digital Solutions in OQ said that aligned with Oman Vision 2040’s economic growth and job creation goals, OQ, the globally integrated energy company with roots in Oman, is seeing strong success in its long-term growth plan.


Central to OQ’s growth plan is the digital transformation of its operations under the “One ERP” roadmap.


Thanks to the digital transformation with SAP, now OQ has real-time insights to grow its upstream and downstream markets, elevate talent, and drive innovation. OQ’s change management strategy and SAP’s industry expertise are ensuring that the digital roadmap has strong time to value.

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