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What we know about those missing in the Miami condo collapse


Dozens of people remain unaccounted after the collapse of part of a 12-story residential building in Surfside, Florida, authorities have said. 

Search and rescue teams have been feverishly scouring the site since shortly after 55 of the building’s 136 units fell on Thursday.

So far at least 11 victims have been identified. They are Stacie Fang, 54, Antonio Lozano, 82, Gladys Lozano, 80, Manuel LaFont, 54, Leon Oliwkowicz, 80, Luis Bermudez, 26, Anna Ortiz, 46, Christina Beatriz Elvira, 74, Marcus Joseph Guara, 52, Frank Kleiman, 55 and Michael David Altman, 50.

Fang’s teenage son was pulled injured but alive from the rubble, the family has said. The Lozanos were the uncle and godmother of Phil Ferro, the chief meteorologist for CNN affiliate WSVN.

Here’s what we know about some of the missing:

Ilan Naibryf: Naibryf, 21, was staying with his girlfriend in her family’s condo in the building, according to Naibryf’s parents, Ronit Felszer and Carlos Naibryf. Ilan and his girlfriend were in town for a funeral, Naibryf’s parents said. On Monday afternoon, more than four days after the collapse, his family said they haven’t given up hope of seeing their son alive again, but they realize chances are slim.

Family of Paraguay’s first lady: The sister and brother-in-law of Paraguay’s first lady, Silvana López Moreira, were staying with their three children at the building, and Paraguay’s ministry of external relations has not been able to locate the family, the ministry told CNN en Español. That family — including Sophia López Moreira and her husband Luis Pettengill — was in the US to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, Paraguay’s foreign minister said.

6 Colombians: Six Colombian citizens are unaccounted for following the collapse, Colombian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Camila Mugno told CNN on Friday.

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