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Store offers color-coded bracelets to show social distancing comfort levels


Metcalfe’s Market in Madison and Wauwatosa knows people have different comfort levels when it comes to social distancing. So the market began offering free color-coded bracelets to help people nonverbally communicate what they are comfortable with.
They have three levels that mimic traffic lights, the store explains in a video posted to Facebook.

Red means someone wants to stay six feet apart and have no physical contact with other people. Yellow is labeled “elbows only,” for people still being cautious but not necessarily needing to be six feet apart. Green welcomes high fives and handshakes.

The bands are offered at all three store locations. Customers can grab one when they walk in and team members are also wearing them.

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“If nothing else, it will probably put a lot of other folks at ease,” customer Howard Ellis told CNN affiliate WISN.

The store made a one-time purchase of about 50,000 bracelets for the three locations and plans to reevaluate the demand once they are gone, the affiliate reported.


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