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OCEC Wins in HSBC Middle East Living Business Programme


Muscat, 22 Dec (ONA) — Oman Convention and Exhibition Cetnre (OCEC) was awarded the “Country Winner” title by the HSBC’s Middle East Living Business Programme for 2021, in recognition of OCEC’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and awareness.


Out of 71 applicants registered in this cost-free, open-access competition; followed by a shortlisting of 46 companies, OCEC was selected as one of five winners.


The “Country Winner” award reflects OCEC’s firm commitment to carrying out operations that contribute towards a progressively sustainable planet, accelerated environmental awareness, and consistent reduction of carbon footprint activities associated with the OCEC complex.


Throughout 2021, the programme collected data on participating companies which operate in Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. Winners were selected based on jury votes using an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.


In terms of the environment framework, participants were evaluated according to overall sustainability and the reduction of environmental footprint. “It’s great doing business together when you have a plan for the planet,” the Living Business Programme tagline reads.


OCEC has always actively implemented practices to uplift its associated Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework. Furthermore, the venue remains committed to meeting prescribed sustainability targets, while transitioning into a more environmentally sustainable future.


Said Al Shanfari, CEO of OCEC said, “Environmental care and awareness form part of OCEC’s core values. Every year, OCEC’s Green Team carries out various programmes in line with environmental sustainability and the reduction of consuming energy – whether in terms of utilization or cost. We have continued this visionary approach, and this latest Living Business Programme 2021 Country Winner award – which we are exceptionally proud of – is a reflection of our ‘green’ projects making a greater positive impact on the environment.”


One of OCEC’s recent environmental sustainability initiatives has been to significantly reduce water consumption required by the venue’s landscaped gardens. This is achieved by carefully managing water usage to coincide with low evaporation periods throughout the day.


Another initiative is the utilization of specific floral species in OCEC’s gardens that require less water usage and maintenance, and that naturally has a higher tolerance to growing in environments like Oman – while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal for OCEC’s visitors.


Furthermore, in 2022, OCEC will be announcing plans for the development of a renewable energy solution that will significantly reduce the centre’s dependency on energy sourced from carbon fuel.

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