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More Than 187,000 Omanis Registered in Public Sector Pension Funds





Muscat, 2 Aug (ONA) — The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) data shows that the number of Omanis registered in pension/retirement funds of the public sector (Civil Service, Diwan of Royal Court and Central Bank of Oman) till May 2021 declined by 0.1% (compared to April 2021) to 187,897, of them 55.8% males and 44.2% females.


Preliminary statistics show that there are three subscription-based segments registered in different wage bands.


–        The first segment, a total of 52,542 Omanis registered in public sector funds, receives salaries ranging from RO 1,000 to less than RO 2,000.


–        The second segment (36,681 Omanis) receives RO 700 to less than RO 800.


–        The third segment (25,630) receives between RO 900 and less than RO 1000.


Age-wise, statistics show that Omanis registered in the above-mentioned public sector funds fall in 3 segments, as indicated below:


–        39,883 beneficiaries aged 30-34 years.

–        42,159 beneficiaries aged 40-44 years.

–        53,913 beneficiaries aged 35-39 years.





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