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Infrastructure Projects of Mahas Industrial City to be Awarded September


Infrastructure Projects of Mahas Industrial City to be Awarded September


Khasab, 14 Jul (ONA) — It is expected to award the project of constructing roads and relevant infrastructure work, and services in Mahas Industrial City in the Wilayat of Khasab next September.


Acting Director General of Mahas Industrial City, Mubarak Salem al Ghailani,


In a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), Mubarak Salem al Ghilani said that Mahas Industrial City administration is expected to operate in the temporary administrative building in the Wilayat of Khasab this September.


He added that “Madayn” has appointed a specialized consultant to conduct an economic study about types of economic and industrial activities types to be localized in the (1,444,000 m2) industrial city of Mahas.


The layout for the industrial city of Mahas has also been devised based on the geographical location, the Governorate’s natural resources and its proximity to the Gulf and regional markets.


The economic study suggests focusing on specific economic and industrial sectors with added value within the light and medium industries, such as: food industries (canning and packing fish and meat products, and drinking water purification and packaging), manufacturing building materials, furniture, fabrics, logistics and other industrial activities.


Al-Ghilani further added that the total current leased area in the Industrial City reached (148,00 m2), as the existing industries were mainly in manufacturing cement and concrete products, quarries, asphalt industry and an electricity-production plant with 80 megawatt capacity.


The total volume of investments in Mahas Industrial City until the middle of 2021 is up to RO 28 million.


He pointed out that they received a number of new investment applications as they will be localized soon.




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