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Horizons Premier Fund

Horizons Premier Fund (HPF), is an open ended Fund mandated to invest in GCC listed non-financial real economy related stocks.

The aim of the Horizons Premier Fund (HPF) shall be to generate capital gains and dividend income by investing in a portfolio of stocks in the GCC region and invest into listed equities and companies that are domiciled in the GCC region. Focus their exposure on the real economy space and pursue a dynamic investment strategy based on its own research and projections to identify attractive investment opportunities within this space and capitalize on opportunities that offer the best potential returns, on a risk adjusted basis.

The portfolio for the Fund has been constructed in a manner that it has a reduced risk of concentration into any specific market or a particular industry or a company which showcase the properties of well diversification of investments and fund rebalanced from time to time.

The Investment Manager adheres to vigorous investment approach and process which is understood and appreciated by professionals. They clearly differentiate between secular and cyclical fundamentals of companies to enable them to value them and assess their potential through all stages of business cycles.

HPF Fact Sheet June 2021